BUG-Eexterminator is a full-service pest solution company serving both residential and commercial properties in Alberta’s northern rural and urban areas.

We are Family owned and operated.We are down to earth people just as you are.We respect people and have sympathy for someone with problems, especially with bedbugs.I personally know how you fell, because I have been there. We do not have a problem giving someone a hug and telling them that this is not their fault and that it can happen to anybody.



Industrial Weed Spraying/Weed Control

BUG-E offers a complete range of services designed to provide control of vegetation for your right-of-way’s, industrial property, or roadsides. Our services include: weed and brush spraying forestry roadside brush and weed control. We control weeds and brush on industrial areas including roadsides, power lines, pipelines, rights of way, railways, oil well sites and equipment and parking lots for noxious and restricted weeds.


Aquatic Vegetation Control

Swimming, fishing, boating, and enjoying a body of water is a favorite past time in the spring and summer months for most Albertans. Weeds and Algae can spoil the enjoyment and the appearance of a body of water can pose a health risks for animals and people. BUG-E exterminatorspecializes in providing aquatic weed control services. We treat water bodies ranging from the smallest backyard pond or dugout to irrigation channels. If you live in Alberta and your pond or dugout has unwanted weeds and algae contact BUG-E exterminator.



BUG-E specializes in the maintenance of ornamental trees, fruit trees, shrubs, flowers and turf on outdoor residential property.Pest can cost property owners thousands, of dollars in damages and there are many insect and rodents that pose a health risks for people and pets. We specialize in the control of mice and other pests such as ants, termites, aphids, spruce beetles and more!



We specialize in the control of mice and bed bugs, and offer control of other pests such as ants, termites, cockroaches, larder beetles and much more! Pest infestations can be a cause structural damage and stress and discomfort to Adults, children, and pets.Even though this is not your fault, it can be an embarrassment for homeowners and businesses. That’s where Bug-E exterminators comes in. Providing effective solutions to a wide range of insect and rodent infestations.