About Us

bug-eexterminator-logoBUG-Eexterminator is a full-service pest solution company serving both residential and commercial properties in Alberta’s northern rural and urban areas. We are Family owned and operated.We are down to earth people just as you are.We respect people and have sympathy for someone with problems, especially with bedbugs.I personally know how you fell, because I have been there. We do not have a problem giving someone a hug and telling them that this is not their fault and that it can happen to anybody. We use unmarked vehicles and don’t were uniforms. We come in and do the job as quickly and quietly and as unnoticeable as possible, we do not wish to draw attention to ourselves. Even though this is not your fault, it can be an embarrassment for homeowners and businesses. We know you feel bad enough as it is without us making it any worst. If the job needs to be done on a Saturday or Sunday then we will do what we need to do to accommodate you, to do to get the job done. BUG-Exterminator staff will provide you with quality and environmentally safe pest control,all of our people are trained to provide you with the quality care you expect to receive from a pest control company. Please remember you are not alone, and this is not your fault.This is something that just happens, and it happens to many people just like you. We service the following areas in Alberta. Edmonton, Lac La Biche, Vegreville, FtMc Murry,Smokey Lake, Conklin,Athabasca,Bonneville,Cold lake, Peace river, High-level, Fort Vermillion, La Crete,Slave Lake and High Prairie, but we will go anywhere if someone needs us.

BUG-E is a one stop pest control company, as we cover pretty much everything when it comes to pests. Whether you are looking for someone to spray your lawn for dandelions and ants, or spray your fruit trees for aphids.We can treat your house or office for bed bugs, mice or ant sand treat your dugout or pond for algae, or treat a right of way for noxious weeds. We hold an Industrial, Landscape, Structural, Aquatic, Forestry and outdoor rodent licenses. All licenses are from Vermillion College in Vermilion Alberta which can be used as a reference.BUG-E exterminator has been providing exterminating and pest prevention services for many years, even before a license was a must.